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Proiectorul de la ARRI, M40, este disponibil pentru inchiriere.


Like all members of the M-Series, the M40 unifies the advantages of a PAR light and a Fresnel fixture. Due to the unique lens-less MAX Technology, the unit is open face and thus very bright, but also focussable over a range of 18 to 52° HPA (Half Peak Angle), casting a crisp shadow. The reflector characteristics is optimised for 4000 W lamps, but can also be used with 2500 W lamps. 

The lamphead is equipped with a CCL module (compensation for cable loss). When operated with the ARRI EB 2.5/4 with CCL, full power is maintained all the way to the lamp even when very long cables are used. This means uniformly high light output independent from cable length.


  • Lamphead Type: Open Face with Facetted Reflector, 4000 W
    Reflector Type: MAX Technology® reflector made of high purity aluminium
    Lamp Type: Metal Halide 4000 W/SE;
    Metal Halide 2500 W/SE
    Power Consumption: 4000 W / 2500 W
    Voltage Range: 200 V / 115 V
    Lamp Base: G38
    Dimming: Yes, 50 - 100 % via ARRI Ballast Unit
    Cable Options: VEAM, Schaltbau
    Correlated Color Temperature: 6000 K
    Beam Angle: 18 - 52° (with 4000 W lamp)
    Weight: 19.0 kg / 41.9 lbs
    Packed weight: 34.0 kg / 75 lbs (incl. pallet)
    Size (W x L x H): 402 x 511 x 670 mm / 15.8 x 20.1 x 26.4 inches
    Packed size (W x Lx H): 595 x 665 x 660 mm / 23.4 x 26.2 x 26 inches
    UV Glass Diameter: 300 mm / 11.81"
    Accessory Diameter: 400 mm / 15.75" (Scrim)
    Barndoor size: 413 mm / 16.26"
    Mounting: Spigot 28 mm / 1 1/8" (1.1")
    Protection Class: I/IP23
    Certifications: CE, CB, GS, cNRTL
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