The modular design allows you to swap the precision rails, choose your camera and dolly mounts, all depending on the size and type of Slider required for the shot. 

​With its very flat profile, versatility and outstanding reliability the GF-Slider enjoys great popularity among Grips and Operators.

GF Slider - 2 m


    • quiet and stable, high precision rails
    • low profile (can be operated on the ground)
    • 7 rail lenghts to choose from
    • interchangeable rails
    • rails drilled with 3/8“ holes 1” apart allowing easy accessory attachment
    • tracking carriage for Mitchell, bowl or Euro-adapter mounts
    • Euro-Adapter or Mitchell base mount
    • adjustable side plates for repositioning on rails
    • additional height adjusters for height extension of the camera mount
    • end mount adapters (scaffold, lighting stand, levelling legs)
    • Bangi Mode (for off-set panning and table top or tight tracking shots)