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Macaraua de la GFM, GF 9 , este disponibil apentru inchiriere


The GF-9 Crane is a professional lightweight and modular crane for remote head operation. It can be built as small as 1m /3ft and extends to a maximum height of 10.05m / 33ft where it will carry a remote head and camera system of 25kg / 55lbs. All smaller versions carry at least 30kg / 66lbs. The GF-9 is extremely portable and mobile, designed with safety, ease of transportation and stability in mind.

Macara GF-9

  • Remote operation up to a height of 10 m/33 ft
    Dedicated tripod
    Dedicated dolly system (GF-8)
    Fits on most other dollies
    Ground or track use
    Accommodates remote heads/cameras up to 25kg/55 lbs and 45 kg/99lbs
    Fast and easy set-up
    Extremely lightweight parts
    Interchangeable extensions
    Stable rigid arm
    Aluminium alloy components
    Surface hardened finish (Hart-Coat®)
    TÜV Certified
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