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Dolly de la GFM, Quad, este disponibil pentru inchiriere


The GF-Quad Dolly has become the preferred light dolly for many camera operators and grips. It’s designed to provide the ultimate in mobility and versatility. With its 3-way steering system the GF-Quad manoeuvres on small sets like no other platform dolly.

Quad Dolly G-F-M

  • Instant selection of 3 steering modes (switch lever):Front wheel steering,
    Rear wheel steering, 4 wheel inverted steering
    Extremely fast swap over from pneumatic to track wheels (no tools)
    Mounts on standard dolly track (62 cm / 24,5 “)
    Fits with ease thru doorways (74 cm / 29 ” dolly width)
    Steering rod with step-less angle adjustment.
    Removable. Folds flat for compact storage.
    Lockable steerage transmission for perfect straight moves or reproduction ofcircle shots
    Smallest circle = 80 cm / 31“
    Quick release pneumatic, track or skateboard wheels


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