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Kit-ul de inchiriere pentru camera video LDK 8000 de la Grassvalley contine:

- case transport

- body camera

- montura lentila

- lentila


Using the same leading imaging
and video-processing technologies
as our popular ldK 8000 multi-
format hd camera, the ldK 8000
sportcam features high-speed
acquisition to capture live action
in slow motion. as a result, it is
a perfect addition to almost any
mobile application.

LDK 8000

  • Multi-format support


    22-bit digital signal processing uses
    14-bit A/D conversion


    Same controls, look, and feel as  

    the LDK 8000 Standard and
    WorldCam cameras
    One-button switch to LDK 8000

    Standard operation
    Supports digital disk devices for

    recording and playing back HD
    Camera system offering includes:

    LDK 8000 SportCam HD camera

    Double-speed base station

    Triax adapter

    Camera accessories (i.e., multiple

    viewfinders and SuperXpander

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